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NEW "30 Days To Writing KILLER Emails,

Articles & Blogs


The ROCK STAR Lead Magnet Formula:

5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Prospect Generating Machine

Discover How To Create a Massive Following of Raving Fans.

Those people who will join you in whatever you're doing, or buy from you no matter what you're selling.​

There's a new Rock Star in the world today and it's YOU!

The New Rock Star is...

The Network Marketer or Affiliate Marketer That Wants To Change Lives, That Wants To Share

An Incredible Opportunity With The World, The Expert That Wants To Make A Bigger Impact, and The Service Based Business Owner That's Tired of Trading Time For Dollars.

Real Rock Stars Make an Impact, Sharing Their Message With The World. They're Prolific. They're Present.  

AND They Get Paid For It.

But the question that may be on your mind is: How can I do this?

I'm not a good writer, let alone a professional copywriter.

I don't have anything to say or write about.

Today The All NEW 30 Days To Writing KILLER Emails, Articles & Blogs... PLUS... The ROCK STAR Lead Magnet Formula: 5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Prospect Generating Machine has ARRIVED.

Dear Friend,

Maybe you've gotten off to a slow start in your business, and you've struggled to build any kind of an audience and following.

You've tried lots of different tactics and strategies, with little or no traction.

Still not a whole heck of a lot of regular customers and sales...

And maybe only a handful of team members that are barely doing a thing, if any at all.

On top of that, you're downright worn out by all of the effort you've put in with no results.

And none of this changes the fact that you need to start getting clients, recruiting team members, and making money NOW!

Imagine Turning On Your Computer Every Morning To An Non-Stop Stream Of Prospects Reaching Out To You -

Prospects Who Are Already Looking For What You Have To Offer

You need to know that it is entirely possible to get customers within 30 days from now.

This is how…

I want to keep this simple and take away any doubts for you.

As a Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Entrepreneur, and Expert, you need 3 tools to get customers and team members fast:

  •  Your story and value-packed message
  •  Your system to accelerate your message delivery 
  •  Your automated marketing and sales process

Makes sense, doesn't it?


Let me show you exactly what I mean so your next step is totally clear.

Tool #1: Your Story & Value-Packed Message Will Attract Masses of Prospects to You

I’m Gloria MacDonald.

I’m a veteran entrepreneur. I’ve built a very successful multi-seven figure business and was living the dream.

But a few years ago, due to an unfortunate situation, I hit a major obstacle in my business.

One that almost wiped me out completely!

Overnight sales came to a screeching halt, and I was forced to shut down my business.

I lost all my savings.

Maxed out my credit cards and was drowning in HUNDREDS of Thousands of Dollars of debt.

And was on the verge of having to file for bankruptcy.

But, despite how challenging it was… like anyone who is faced with setbacks and adversity, but overcomes them… I knew I couldn’t let this be more than a bump in the road.

Even though it was a BIG one.

I’d built one successful business, and I had decades of experience in network marketing.  

So I decided to jump back into it… for what some people have called “a MASSIVE comeback”.

And having been first hand, multiple times, through the whole hoopla of “make your list, call your friends, drag people to a meeting”… and burning through my warm market, with lots of “hits and misses” in the cold market…

I Was Ready To ESCAPE REJECTION HELL… And Get My Message Out In An ALL NEW Way... To Find Prospects, Make Sales And Enroll People...

While I Sleep!

What's YOUR story? What's your message?

Start getting prospects, customers and team members in the next 30 days...

When, with my help, you create your own powerful story, value-packed message, system to accelerate your message delivery, and your automated marketing and sales process.

If you're passionate about helping people create more well-being, financial freedom, and time freedom...

You know you totally deserve this for yourself as well...

And you know this is the missing piece you need to create the impact you want in the world....

This is the best offer you'll see.

Once You've Created Your Story...

Now You Need:

  • A Step-by-Step Blueprint To Create Your Value-Packed Message
  • A System To Communicate Your Value To The World
  • And An Automated Prospecting, Sales & Recruiting Process.

Don't Know What Your Story Is And How To Write It?  NO PROBLEM.

Don't Have A Value-Packed Message For A Lead Magnet? NO PROBLEM.

Don't Have Ideas To Generate Content Daily? NO PROBLEM.

Don't Know How To Get Paid While You Sleep? NO PROBLEM. 

Tool #2: Your System To Accelerate The Delivery Of Your Message To The World Will Transform Your ENTIRE Business 

Now look…

People ask me all the time how I was able to grow my business from ZERO to multiple five figures a month in less than a year and it's because of this SYSTEM.

I get it...

Maybe you're still trying to make your first dollar, or your first $1,000 or even $10,000 a month in your business. 

This system helped me have my first $3,000 week, when I was just about to give up and wondered...

"Will I EVER be able to make this business work?"

ANSWER: Become a MASTER COPY WRITER & Create a Massive Following of Raving Fans

This System not only helped me make my first sales, but it also helped me make over $200,000 in just 5 months online. 

So I know it can help you get your message out to hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands of people and become a Rock Star.

And with this, transform your entire business, help you create the impact in the world you long for, and move you toward your goals and dreams.

And best of all... 

I'll be walking you step-by-step through the exact system I use every single day.

"Will This Work For My Business?… And… Will I Be Able To Do It?"

"26 New Leads And 4 Sales! "

“Before I started this program with Gloria MacDonald I was struggling to find quality leads. In 3 weeks I have over 419 new connections, 26 leads, and 4 sales from the program. And made $236.60. This training is phenomenal.”

Catherine Ann Clayton

"Made $1198.90 in Just Weeks! "

“We spent nearly a year and almost $8,000.00 on Facebook ads with sales of just $264. In less than 2 months and $0 spent on ads we've made $1,198.90! It's like night and day. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

Paula & Scott Counts

"No Fluff Or Hype Just Pure Value!"

“Gloria’s LinkedIn course is so value packed and she literally walks you by the hand to build your business the right way. No fluff or hype just pure value!”

Sadaf Pearl

"In just 6 weeks I've made over $2,000!"

"For over a year I struggled trying to build my business. Then I found Gloria MacDonald and her training and within just 6 weeks I’ve made over $2,000. I know I’m just getting started. I'm just so excited!!

Thank you so much for providing the help and value that you are. I literally don't think I would be where I'm at without the help you've given!”

Karen Kinsinger

"Grew My Business Significantly In 90 Days!"

I’m so excited! I started working with Gloria and within 90 days not only did I grow my business significantly, but I also created my first ever lead magnet.  My lead magnet enables me to give my prospects a great free gift of value, and continue to grow my business. I’m so glad I made the decision to invest in myself and my business with Gloria’s program."

Tara Schwark

"3 Leads In The FIRST DAY… 40+ New Leads & $425.00 In Commissions In 14 Days!"

This is a FANTASTIC program that produces RESULTS fast! I immediately applied what I learned, and “BAM!”… got 3 leads the same day! I’ve only been using Gloria’s system for a little over 2 weeks and I’ve already generated 40+ leads and made $425.00 in commissions. And this is just the tip of the iceberg… I have new leads coming consistently every day.”

Karen Flynn

Now, there's just one more tool that makes all the difference...

Tool #3 - FINALLY, Your Automated Marketing & Sales Process That Let's You Get Prospects & Make Money While You Sleep!

This Automated Process Gives You Everything You Need To...

==> Have HIGHLY Qualified Prospects Raising Their Hands and Reaching Out To You.

==> Build Your Own List of People Who Are Already Interested in What You Have to Offer

==> Start Accelerating Your Sales on Auto-Pilot by Marketing One-to-Many vs. One-to-One

==> Create A Recruiting Explosion In Your Business Today!

And This is What Happens When You Put All 3 of These Tools Into Action...

Because I’m re-launching these two programs…

I’m inviting YOU to be among the first people to get the 

Special Launch BUNDLE Price… of ​ONLY $119...

For BOTH Programs Together - SAVE!

$69 - Single Program Price

$69 - Single Program Price

When You Enroll In The BUNDLE Pack TODAY...

You Also Get These Bonuses

Kick Start BONUS #1

More Than 101 Headlined & Subject Lines ($39.00 Value – FREE)

TONS of Eye-Poping Attention Grabbing Headines & Subjections Lines Your Followers Will HAVE to Read!

  • Don't have any idea how to write a headline or subject line?
  • Feel like you're just not creative?
  • Run into writer's block?
  • Out of "new" ideas

Now there's no need to worry ever again. With this endless list you'll never run out of ideas!

Kick Start BONUS #2

ROCK STAR Lead Magnet Templates ($79.00 Value – FREE)

You’ll get my guide with simple "plug 'n play" templates for creating your own personalized lead magnet.

This is tool takes the guess work out of generating lead magnets, and will have you whipping them out in no time fast!

Kick Start BONUS #3

Lifetime Access To A Private Mastermind & Member-Only Community

You’ll get full around the clock access to our private mastermind and member-only community. 

A place for our members to connect, inspire and learn from the most successful marketers who are shaking things up and making money today.

I want to make sure you’ll never feel alone, and can always get your most burning questions answered by other members, including my staff and a number of high level marketers who are always eager to jump in and help.

Kick Start BONUS #4

EXCLUSIVE Access to Our Members Only Affiliate Program

As a member, you get EXCLUSIVE Access to become an Affiliate.

With this one-of-a-kind program, not only will you be doing REJECTION-FREE Recruiting...

But you can also GET PAID by Prospects to hear about your business opportunity!

Our Affiliate Program gives you read-made, completely "done-for-you" marketing tools that you can use to open up conversations with your ideal prospects.

You get access to value-packed FREE gifts/lead magnets to attract your prospects to you!


You get pre-written messages, posts, emails, and articles to get you going, connecting, getting leads and making money FAST.

100% No Questions Asked Guarantee


After you watch the training, and for the next 30 days after… if you don’t think these programs will help you enroll more new people onto your team… explode your network marketing business… and grow your income… I demand you get a refund.

Simply shoot my support desk an email and we’ll promptly and cheerfully refund your payment.

No questions asked.

So, as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

Here's Exactly What You Get In This Bundle Package...

The Complete Program of...

30 Days To Writing KILLER Emails, Articles & Blogs



Module #1 - The Art & Science of the Swipe


Module #2 - Super Subject Lines, Amazing Content & the Killer Call To Action


Module #3 - The Unlimited Content Generator


Module #4 - The Magic 15 Minute Writing Formula

The Complete Program of...

ROCK STAR Lead Magnet Formula:

5 Simple Steps To Creating Your Own Lead Generating Machine



Module #1 - Discovering Your Unique Message


Module #2 - Benefit Driven Titles That Draw Your Prospects In


Module #3 - Simple Value-Packed Content Creator


Module #4 - 4 Step Plug & Play Template Generator


These value-packed BONUSES to help you get your message to the world.

So you can...

==> Get More Prospects

==> Make More Sales

==> And Build A Bigger Team


An EASY & FAST Way to Generate Eye-Popping, Attention Grabbing Headlines & Subject Lines.

This is tool takes the guess work out of generating lead magnets, and will have you whipping them out in no time fast!

Lifetime Access To A Private Mastermind & Member-Only Community

Exclusive Access to Our Members-Only Affiliate Program

I look forward to seeing you on the training and helping you become a Master Copywriter. And I can’t wait to see you as a Rock Star!

Celebrating Your Success!

Gloria MacDonald

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5 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Prospect Generating Machine

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